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All facials are customized 

available 20% off in 2 packs.


  • Papaya Bromelain 

This concentrate is a gentle exfoliating enzyme that breaks down protein in dead skin cells.  Safe and gentle, yet effective with out irritating the skin.  Great for rosacea, thin-skin and when glycolic or AHA is too irritating. 

45 Minutes - $90

  • Pumpkin+AHA+VitaminC 

A mixture of enzymes and  glycolic. This multi-action facial works well for sensitive skin while providing optimal exfoliation and a wonderful all year round treatment.   You'll feel the power in the pumpkin and leave with a glowing complexion!  

45 Minutes - $90

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  • Rapid Resurfacing Glycolic Peel

30% Glycolic exfoliates skin to reveal a smoother texture and even skin tone while safely removing buildup of dead skin cell accumulation.  This high performance peel is excellent for thick, oily/acne or combination skin types.  Reduces congestion and is great for exfoliation in just 1 treatment!  

45 Minutes - $95

60 Minutes - $130

  • Beyond Brightening Peel w/ Active Vitamin C 

Great Pre-Event!

The secret to fresh glowing skin! Natural Vitamin C mixed with natural fruit acids brings radiance to a dull complexion while brightening and evening out skin tone, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. Great for mature and dehydrated skin, providing a dewy and supple appearance.

45 Minutes - $95

60 Minutes - $130

  • Ultimate Exfoliation Glow

Layers grapeseed  scrub, papaya enzyme, glycolic exfoliation and finishes with a Vitamin C brightening peel.   Several treatments combine together to provide optimal exfoliation and brightening action all in one.  Give yourself the ultimate glow your skin deserves - a great seasonal treatment!

1 hr 30 - $150

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  • The Executive Facial

Signature men's facial includes thorough cleansing, pore extraction, hydration and a finishing mask.  Includes shoulder, head and neck massage.  

 60 Minutes - $115 

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  • Sweet Signature Facial

A luxurious facial designed  to treat your individual skin type with a gentle exfoliation to remove lifeless surface cells. Includes a heavenly massage, targeted mask and Vitamin C to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate. 

 60 Minutes - $115 

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Add On Services $20

  • ​Foot Soak

Pre-Treatment foot soak + massage with warming shoulder wrap.

15 min 

  • Face lift massage

Extra massage to stimulate pressure points + underlying tissue with origins in ancient Indian Ayurvedic massage.

15 min

  • Hand Exfoliation + Glycolic

Bring life back to your hands with this gentle, effective peel


  • Decollete exfoliaton + mask

Vitamin C + AHA + Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Mask Treatment


Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care

"Leah is FAB!! I absolutely love my skin after!! I went to the gym a day later and a random girl (who saw me the day before my facial) commented on how beautiful my skin looked. Now that's amazing!! She is so friendly and relatable. Her products are top of the line and she has really done her research. Her Vitamin C peel is my fav! I highly recommend her. My face is proof!"             _Kristen D

"The best facial..I look forward to going regularly it's near my house and Leah is the relaxing AND my skin looks Fantastic. I have already called my friends "             _Margy P